Paylinks can help with managing your

Paylinks can help with managing your {products, services, content, business, startup}
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Here is what you can expect

Paylinks simulate a 1 click checkout for your products and services, which is both easy and convenient. It replaces the cart and checkout pages by providing a simple form for your client to enter their data and submit the transaction.

Paylinks are basically products that emulate a 1 click checkout feature which encourages impulse buying.

Creating paylinks are a breeze. Simply populate your product data and start selling right away.

Our servers are protected physically and electronically by 256-bit SSL encryption.

How we help our clients measure their sales

Social Pay has an easy to use dashboard that's designed for running an offline business with online features and tools.

Manage your clients

Setup automatic subscriptions for your products and services and send invoices directly to your clients via email, facebook, whatsapp and more.

Track your orders

Emails are sent instantly after each sale is attempted, additionally you can track your successful ordera within the dashboard.