About Us

Social Pay is an online accounting and website tool that secures digital payments and social media transactions.

Click the get started button at the top right of the screen

In order to receive a payout or make a withdrawal, you must link your bank account to Social Pay.

Social Pay’s website is responsive, therefore it will work on any device.

Social Pay is available in all countries, however, our selling tools are region locked to Trinidad and Tobago.

In short, no. Social Pay provides a gateway to access the services of First Atlantic Commerce. Once your funds are processed, First Atlantic settles the funds into the Social Pay Bank Account. Your funds are then transferred to your bank account upon a withdrawal request. 


Social Pay Fees

Social Pay fees are dependent on the services that you are using. Please view the relative service for a breakdown of the fees.

Social Pay Clients:

No Monthly Fees


Free Users:

Credit Card Transaction: 5% + 5TTD

Voucher: $5TTD


Paid Users:

Credit Card Transaction: 3% + 3TTD

Voucher: $5TTD

Free Users:

$5TTD Per Withdrawal


Paid Users:

No Withdrawal Fee

Our Point of Sale is included in the pro and business packages of our web builder platform. However pricing starts at $80TTD.


Coming Soon


Managing My Account

Social Pay makes it easy to send and receive money. Users can login to their account and review all their recent transactions, share their social pay links via any social media platform and integrate with the most popular cms tools.

Please create a ticket with a cancel request. Due to our affiliate program, any referrals you may have, will be lost in the process. You can request that all your referrals be re-assigned to a new affiliate.

Social Pay is limited to following the KYC Levels of the banks of Trinidad and Tobago. We do not allow sending funds from one account to another. Social Pay is strictly for use in receiving payments for products you’ve listed via our portal for your clients.