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Handling how you manage payments online is very important. Social Pay provides each user with an easy to use system for sending & receiving payments online. It’s fast, secure and free to sign up.

Start Selling With Social Pay
Our Services

Our Services

Going digital is never easy. It means the core and structure of your business relies heavily on online services. Social Pay offers peace of mind and security for a hostile online environment, so you can concentrate on more important things.


An easy to use system for sending and receiving payments

Facebook Pay

Receive payments on your facebook, instagram and whatsapp.


Use our Social Pay Marketplace to create your own online store.

Shop Online

Shop from any of the big name retailers without a credit card (coming soon)


Sell event tickets on your site and deliver them to your buyers digitally (coming soon)

Point of Sale

Link your ecommerce store with your physical location using our POS

Shop Online Without A Credit Card Shop Online Without A Credit Card

Shop Online Without A Credit Card

Social Pay users can shop at their preferred big box retailer with our EZ Shopper platform. Packages are delivered to your door.

Coming Soon Learn More

Social Pay prevents the transfer of physical cash from user to user, rather it notifies both parties that a transfer was made and can only be cleared after the transaction is completed. Thus creating a sense of trust between buyers and sellers.

Sarah Kalipersad
Director - Social Pay
Quick & Easy Process

Quick & Easy Process

All you need is an email address or mobile phone number to transfer money. If they
don't have an account, they can create one quickly, for free.

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